Lunch and Dinner

Looking for allergy-friendly lunch and dinner ideas to enjoy with your friends and family?

This is what this page is for!

My recipes are free of most allergens, including sesame and the BIG 8, and I always add a note to let you know if the recipe contains one of those. However, before making it, make sure to read the recipe’s header to find out if it is safe for you and your loved ones!

In addition to being on the healthier side and safe for most people, these allergy-friendly lunch and dinner ideas are cheap and easy to make. I use ingredients that are usually available all year long in most supermarkets. You won’t need to go to a specialty store.

Depending on your appetite and taste, these allergy-friendly dishes can be eaten as sides or as your main dish.

Finally, you will find out that some recipes work well both cold and warm, which gives you more options and flexibility when planning your meals.


You can of course make adjustments by substituting a few ingredients to accommodate your own preferences and/or dietary needs. However, I cannot guarantee the result if you change the recipes.


Every week, I do my best to post different allergy-friendly recipes to satisfy everyone’s taste and food restrictions. That said, if there is one type of food allergies that I am forgetting or not including enough, message me! The same goes if you would like to see a recipe with your favorite ingredient.


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I try to post new content regularly. However, and even though I want to keep you well informed… I have a full time job, a family, and health problems, all of which I give priority over blogging. I truly hope you can understand. 🙂