Consistency is Key – Miss Allergist Take 2

They say “consistency is key”…

Well, they also say “life happens”, and a LOT has happened in the past 16 months. So much that, even though I kept meaning to resume blogging, I just couldn’t!

The first thing that stopped me was anaphylaxis just before my 33rd birthday. Thankfully, my autoinjector did its job. The office nurse, my colleagues, and my husband were AMAZING, and I only spent 2 days in bed! But that calls for a post of its own.

Consistency is key... Me in bed after an anaphylactic shock at the office. Hard to be consistent in this situation.
Me in bed after anaphylaxis

After that incident, I decided to take a break from blogging for the Holidays. But as I was about to resume, Covid happened…

Our office sent us home, and from one day to the other we had to rethink our routine.

  • Work more
  • Cook more (3 to 4 meals a day… Yes, I do like an afternoon snack!)
  • Clean more (We didn’t use to spend so much time at home before the pandemic)
  • Shop more (aka get groceries more often and safely)
  • Stay mentally and physically healthy (exercise, meditate)
  • Be “present” for our friends and family
  • And find the right balance in our relationship (We had never been 24/7 together for such an extended period of time!)

Unfortunately, this wasn’t compatible with blogging, so I ended up taking a much longer break than I had originally anticipated.

And then came something even bigger!

Although Covid did not happen to us per se, it happened around us enough to make us reassess our priorities in life.

Witnessing from afar our family get affected by the pandemic emotionally, physically, and financially, was difficult. We wanted to be there with them, for them, and help them while they needed it, but also while we still could.

Being confined to our home, not commuting in packed metro cars, not being exposed to as much pollution, not bumping into unpleasant people, not eating out on the weekend, not being able to run errands whenever we needed or wanted to… We also realized that we didn’t need much, and started longing for a simpler and more meaningful life.

So we made a decision!

We explained the situation to our bosses, worked things out, and packed up our lives!

After several months of preparation, we moved from Washington D.C. to the French countryside!

My husband is still working remotely, and I am on a 1-year sabbatical. The decision was not easy, and we have worried many times whether this was the right thing to do. But in just a few months, we have already been able to help part of our family.

Although this is exactly why I asked for a sabbatical in the first place, this also means that family has been the priority over blogging.

If there is one thing that I have learned from all this, it is that the time is NEVER right! I will always have another priority. I will always have an excuse for not blogging. So here I am. I AM BACK! And I will do my best to juggle my posts, my priorities, and all the curveballs that life might throw at me.

They say…

“Consistency is key”…

People also say that it takes 21 days to turn anything into a habit.

I am not going to publish a new post every day. However, I will release one new blog post every week for 21 consecutive weeks… And I hope you will follow my journey and keep me accountable!

So, welcome to Miss Allergist – Take 2 – From FRANCE!

Miss Allergist Take 2 - I am back and ready to blog from the French countryside. Ready for more consistence.
Miss Allergist – Take 2

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