Looking for allergy-friendly recipes to enjoy with your friends and family?
Miss Allergist got you covered!

Collage of a few allergy-friendly dessert recipes that I plan on sharing with you!

I get it!

I have oral allergy syndrome, as well as an intolerance to eggs and milk, so I understand.
It is hard to find anything sweet and safe to eat when you have food allergies.

Whether you are with coworkers at your annual company dinner or celebrating a milestone with friends and family… If you suffer from food allergies, you usually end up having to skip the cake.
But it doesn’t mean that your craving goes away…

This is what this page is for!

My recipes are free of most allergens, including sesame and the BIG 8, and I always add a note to let you know if the recipe contains one of those. However, before making it, make sure to read the recipe’s header to find out if it is safe for you and your loved ones!

In addition to being safe for most people, these desserts are cheap and easy to make. I use ingredients that are usually available all year long in most supermarkets. You won’t need to go to a specialty store.

Make it a family activity!

It is not a secret! Kids learn better when they are included. Don’t leave them behind. Use these easy recipes to teach them about food allergies in a fun and engaging way. They will enjoy these desserts even more if they can help you bake. Plus, it is a great way to spend some quality time as a family.


You can of course make some adjustments by using your preferred flours and/or plant-based milks. However, I cannot guarantee the result if you use different ingredients.

Don’t hesitate!

Every week, I do my best to post different allergy-friendly recipes to satisfy everyone’s taste and food restrictions. That said, if there is one type of food allergies that I am forgetting or not including enough, message me! The same goes if you would like to see a recipe with your favorite ingredient.

More allergy-friendly dessert recipes to come soon!

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