My name is Allison
and I want to share my journey towards a simpler, healthier, and happier life with you!

My greener and healthier life growing my own fruit and veggies

I have been a city girl all my life: grew up in the Paris suburbs, in France, studied in Paris, and then went on to live in Washington D.C., in the US, for many years. I worked in an office, ate cafeteria food, commuted mostly by train and bus, met my friends at bars or games on the weekends… And even though I also walked a lot, exercised regularly, ate my daily 5 portions of fruit and vegetable, and tried to spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, my lifestyle wasn’t that good.

I was spending most of my time indoors, working too much without allowing myself high-quality breaks, not taking care of my mental health. I was exposed to too much pollution, not enough natural light… And in the summer of 2013…

My health started catching up with me !

Over the next 4 years, I got diagnosed with 90% of all environmental allergies in my area; oral allergy syndrome (OAS) with anaphylaxis; food intolerances; asthma, infertility, and fibromyalgia. Even though part of that is purely genetics and couldn’t have been prevented, I feel that it was my body’s call for help.

I was allergic to my life, and my body was telling me to SLOW DOWN.

Having health issues doesn’t solely impact one physically. In my case, those newly-diagnosed conditions affected my mental health, my finances, my work, my lifestyle, and even my relationships.

Thanks to a couple of wonderful people in the medical field, I was able to lead a nearly-normal life, but not without a lot of constraints and sacrifices. The message was clear! In order to get better, I had to stay away from my allergens and all the factors that could trigger my various conditions. That meant:

  • Stress
  • Negativity
  • Unhealthy food
  • Climate change
  • Bad relationships
  • Terrible lifestyles
  • and Everything in excess

So what did I do?

First, I focused on the…

Healthier life

Following doctors’ orders, I focused both on my physical and mental health: seeing a psychologist, letting go of bad relationships, losing weight, adapting my workouts, changing my diet, as well as my sleep schedule. As part of this new healthier life, I learned how to listen to my body, take breaks, and say ‘No’ to most late-night social events that were draining the little energy I still had. I also started practicing picking my battles, breathing deeper, and meditating.

MissAllergist 3 in 1 healthier life in the countryside

However, even though I was making much progress, something was missing

Happier life

The Covid-19 pandemic hit and, after several months, my husband and I agreed: the city and office life was getting in the way of our happiness. We were far from our loved ones, stuck in jobs that helped others but didn’t fulfill us. Our healthy diet was interfering with our social life, while our workout routine was preventing us from sleeping enough. And even though we were making a true effort to live in a more ecofriendly manner, we felt that we weren’t doing nearly enough for the planet.

So we made a series of crazy decision that led to this:
We left our stable and well-paid jobs in the US capital and moved to France in search of a simpler life in the countryside.

Me in my former office - Allergic to my old life
My fairly healthy and satisfying old life
Me happier in my simpler and healthier life
My healthier and happier new life

Now… Making such a radical change is not easy, and we have SO MUCH to learn in order to meet our goals of a happier and healthier life in every way.

So I have decided to document all the radical and positive changes we have made and will be making to make our dream life come true. And this is where @missallergist comes into play.

Join me every week on my journey towards this new simpler, healthier, and happier life !

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to share your own experience with me. I don’t bite 😉
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